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CRM Implementation
Accomplishment: Addressed major CRM development product deficiencies by prioritizing product features required for product launch.
Situation: $50M software development company expanding their customer support software product offerings to include a complete customer relationship management (CRM) software product solution.
Challenge: Quickly implement beta version of product internally while providing feedback to the product development team and ensuring overall improvement of the sales and marketing operations.
Project: Managed the project implementation through the stages of project formulation, requirements analysis, development, implementation and support. The CRM modules which were implemented included marketing campaign management, marketing fulfillment management, lead management, account management, support service call management, engineering request management, help desk support management, license and asset tracking, and on-line knowledge data base. Working closely with the product development team, coordinated requests for product improvements including changes in systems functionality and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook.
Results: Within a six month period, this CRM product was fully functional and in use by the company's sales and marketing organization. A centralized database for all customer leads and accounts was in place for the first time at the company. The sales force had the ability to process their sales activity information remotely and synchronize with the corporate database when needed. Based upon this internal use, significant improvements were made in subsequent releases of the product, improving its overall functionality and making it a consistent award-winning product in the CRM industry.

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